There's a cultural gulf between Sameena Zehra and the likes of Denis Leary and Bill Hicks.

But that doesn't mean she doesn't spark with the unsupressed anger of the former and beat with the political heart of the latter. Her list of those she'd like to cull from the human race includes a couple of examples deliberately placed to take the steam out of her rant ("people who put forks in the spoon section of the cutlery drawer") but elsewhere she'll smartly smash Obama's marble pedestal and stun the audience with a firsthand story about religious conflict in India in the 1990s. Occasionally her arrows fall short as a set-piece ends in a flat political point rather than a punchline, but otherwise the balance between stand-up observation and humanitarian agendas provides both laughs and food for thought in a show that's brave, funny, fiery and true.

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