A boastful white lie told to a celebrity high up on her lust list has forced Bec Hill to pull out all the stops and win an award for her latest Fringe show.

It would be an absolute travesty if she didn't do exactly that. Ellipsis is, on one level, a laugh-out-loud showcase for various styles of stand-up that get people noticed. But the Australian comic goes one giant leap beyond that, joyfully wrapping each segment in layers of visual and conceptual genius. And so her one-liners are inspired by a spin-the-wheel game of random hateful subjects; a run of excruciatingly funny puns are spotlit as if they're from-the-heart confessionals; observational humour about Australians in England is itself observed with awkward detachment. Throughout, her "self doubt" rings her up on a tin-can phone and the whole performance gains a deeper dramatic meaning. Brilliantly conceived, this is one of the stand-out shows in this year's comedy programme.

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