Listening to Gary Little spin a tale is like diving head-first into the standout chapter of an Irvine Welsh novel.

You know: those bits where a Scottish working-class male finds himself, often with drugs partaken, unable to slam the brakes on a situation that's increasingly out of control but also uproariously funny and seasoned with a hint of menace. That, at least, is where Little takes us when he recounts what happened on a stag do in Krakow and a trip with a DJ mate to Brazil. If this sounds a bit international jet-set (including the nod to Irvine Welsh's Edinburgh) then rest assured that Little is as Glaswegian as they come; although not, perhaps, the shiny-happy-legacy Glasgow of Games just past. Nevertheless, give the man a gold medal for candidly dipping into his life to find stories about dog-walkers, car boot sales and depression that run rings round his comedy peers.

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