Alex Edelman talks to HeraldScotland about kareoke at bar mitzvahs, being horny, and the rubbery things at the bottom of fold-up chairs.

Tell us about your Fringe show

It's about being part of a generation still finding its feet and dealing with lots of distractions. Also, there's a joke about the moon.

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How does it feel to be playing the Fringe for the first time?

I'm exciting, nerve-wracked, horny.

Best live act seen at Fringe?

Andrew Maxwell. He's a comedic lightening-storm.

Best thing about the Fringe?


Worst thing about the Fringe?


If you were not a performer/comedian what would you be doing?

You know the rubbery things on the bottom of fold-up chairs? I'd make those.

What do your family think of your show?

They don't know about it. Please don't tell them.

How do you combat pre-gig nerves?

Honestly, I don't get them much any more, but I do like to write a list of the jokes I'm doing in my notebook before I go onstage.

Worst on stage experience?

My worst experience on a stage was not comedy-related. It was karaoke at a bar mitzvah. Bob Dylan's "Hurricane". The whole song.

How do you recover from a hefty heckle? Do you have a set of stock replies?

There's no such thing as a good heckle, because every heckler is either pissed or brainless. I usually don't say anything and just let the heckler sit and feel the awkwardness of the interruption he just made.

What do you love about Scotland?

The people. Scots are incredibly savvy, exceptionally funny and they make great comics.

What do you like about Edinburgh?

The aforementioned lovely Scots trying to cope with the invasion of tourists to their city for comedy festivals.

What's the most Scottish thing you've done?

Been a separate entity from England.

Who's your favourite Scottish comedian?

My friends Iain Sterling and Daniel Sloss are two brilliant Scottish comics and I love watching 'em.

Favourite joke?

Buy a ticket, cheapskate.

Alex Edelman will perform his debut stand up show 'Millenial' at the Pleasance Courtyard from 30th July - 24th August for tickets go to