If Damian Lewis was the class nerd, he'd be Luke McGregor.

The Tasmanian comic has no qualms about embracing his inner (and outer) geek, regaling us with tales of a childhood spent in a bright yellow school uniform, with ginger afro, milk-bottle lens glasses and a dislocated jaw that left his mouth ajar. He also relates his tales of social and sexual shortcomings in a voice that occasionally squeaks at the end of a sentence like a gym shoe changing direction on a polished wooden floor. But the crowd instantly warm to his twee-pop stand-up style, and by the time he's asking us for suggestions of how to end a conversation at a party (audience: "just keep staring at them intently") or examples of the Would You Rather game (audience: "would you rather have fingers for toes or toes for fingers?"), we've all come clean to our consciences about our own imperfections.

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