The room's too small to host a wedding party and we're lacking the cutlery for a formal dinner, so the fact that Demi Lardner is wearing a bow-tie must be an up-front indicator of comic eccentricity.

And that's before the cardboard cut-out tapir starts to speak and the hulking figure wearing a rubber bird's head squawks onto the stage beside her. Clever, almost absurdist ideas fizz out of her boyish frame but, in a show that's a mere 35 minutes long, they're diluted by standard observational comedy material and a running routine about her dad calling her up that's similar to (but not nearly as effective) as a device fellow Australian Bec Hill is using in the very same Fringe venue. Great potential, for sure - and she is only 20 - but a bit light on substance from the winner of last year's So You Think You're Funny? competition.

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