Those paralympians have raised the game not just for fellow sportsmen but for someone who, as Jamie MacDonald is the first to admit, considers wearing matching socks to be a success.

The 34-year-old Glaswegian's blindness is the meat and bones of his routine - no sentimentality from him, no patronising from us - so a story about learning to ski is destined to include a nasty snogging encounter up a back alley in Fort William. That's because MacDonald considers himself to be more skilled on the piss than on the piste, although his "ear goggles" (ie a blind man's "beer goggles") can impair his judgment of beauty once he's past the seven-pint mark. A good-looking, charismatic guy, MacDonald is able to use his real-life circumstances to give a spin on relationship humour that would be denied to 99% of his comedy rivals. The result: one of the funniest Scots on the circuit.

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