Fin Taylor talks to HeraldScotland about being a cold comedic machine, refusing to bow to societal pressures and coming out of a Scottish lady's vagina

Tell us about your Fringe show

It's an hour of stand-up that's about doing what you want and refusing to bow to societal pressures to self-improve. It's also about being hungover.

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How does it feel to be playing the Fringe for the first time?

I feel nothing for I am a cold, comedic machine.

Best live act seen at Fringe?

Neil Hamburger. Think he's back this year and I will definitely be going again.

Best thing about the Fringe?

Jim Davidson

Worst thing about the Fringe?

Jim Davidson

If you were not a performer/comedian what would you be doing?

I'd be playing football for any team that would take me. I normally play in a sort of No.10 role just behind the front man, kneading and threading and weaving all kinds of slippery through balls. Comfortable on either flank too. Stamina is my main weakness so I'd imagine myself as more of an impact player off the bench.

What do your family think of your show?

They haven't seen it yet but I hope they like it because they're the ones who I care most about what they think. If they rate it then I don't mind what the press say. I don't have to have Sunday lunch with Broadway Baby every month.

How do you combat pre-gig nerves?

The same way I combat a big meal.

Worst on stage experience?

When I was 10 the school play was Peter Pan and I really wanted to play Smee but then the cast list went up and I had been cast as Nana the dog and all the mean girls giggled and pointed and barked. When it came to the play itself though I owned it.

How do you recover from a hefty heckle? Do you have a set of stock replies?

Not really, it's a bit of a myth perpetuated by the media that heckling exists. It's not so much of an unstoppable force as I'm sure it was in the '80s. Normally it's just a sort of baritone bleat from some sleepy guy at the back and you just repeat the noise back to the crowd and they laugh at it all. The essence of being.

What do you love about Scotland?

The food.

What do you like about Edinburgh?

The Fringe!

What's the most Scottish thing you've done?

I came out of a Scottish lady's vagina.

Who's your favourite Scottish comedian?

Tommy Jumpers

Favourite joke?

It changes every week but at the moment I really like Louis Ck's routine about sleep from his 'Word: Live at Carnegie Hall' album.

Fin Taylor makes his Edinburgh debut with his show 'Real Talk' at The Tron for Just The Tonic from 31st July - 24th August for tickets go to