Hennessy & Friends discuss Harry Enfield and haggis, neeps and tatties with HeraldScotland.

Tell us about your Fringe show

It's called 'Murmurs', it's on every day at 7.30pm Cowgatehead and it's FREE as part of the new Freestival. It's an hour of silly sketch comedy - loud, boisterous and very naughty!

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Best thing about the Fringe?

The Free Fringe!

Worst thing about the Fringe?

The weather.

Favourite Fringe venue?


Best Fringe memory?

Sell out crowds and a standing ovation.

Best heckle?

'You look like Jesus mate!' (Directed at Dave.)

Craziest on stage experience?

High fiveing Harry Enfield.

What's on your rider?

If we had one - Mosque Kitchen.

How do you wind down after a show?

Get drunk and count all the money we made.

What do you love about Scotland?

Haggis, the landscape and Mel Gibson.

What do you like about Edinburgh?

The architecture and the streets, and Mosque Kitchen.

What's the most Scottish thing you've done?

Tucked into a post show haggis, neeps and tatties.

What kind of jokes do a Scottish crowd seem to respond to?

The more surreal ones.

Favourite joke?

A horse walks into a bar, and all the other patrons leave as they realise the potential danger of the situation.

Hennessy & Friends' 'Murmurs at Freestival' will be at the CowgateHead's Space 1 until 25th August.

For more information visit Miranda Hennessy's website.