1) Describe each other in five words?

Manjot Sumal: "Outgoing, loud, friendly, energetic and bubbly. He is the life of the party."

Grado: "Zen, punctual, reliable, intelligent and ... [there is a full 20 second pause] clean."

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Sumal: "My mum will be happy to hear that."

2) What were you like growing up?

Sumal: "Annoying … That's why I'm so chilled out now."

Grado: "I was always outside playing. Football, wrestling up the park, games of chappy [chap door runaway] and prank-calling folk from the phone box. I used to call up the sexual health line and ask what a Femidom was."

3) Who did you have posters of on wall?

Grado: "Men in Lycra. Wrestlers."

Sumal: "Weird things like UFOs. I was into supernatural stuff. The Crow was my favourite film."

4) Childhood ambitions?

Grado: "To play for Rangers. Or to be a bus driver. That's still an unfulfilled ambition."

Sumal: "I wanted to be a pilot. But then I discovered I hate flying and I'm colour blind."

5) Proudest achievement?

Grado: "Getting an Irn Bru bottle made for me. A custom-made Grado bottle. I'm not going to drink it. I'll keep it on the mantelpiece at home."

Sumal: "Writing a play called How To Make a Killing in Bollywood with my friend Umar Ahmed in 2013. We took it to the Fringe and toured round the UK."


6) It's Friday afternoon, the shift is finished: what songs do you play?

Grado: "My favourite band 36 Crazyfists. I have their name tattooed on my arm."

Sumal: "I have fallen in love with Lin-Manuel Miranda who wrote the musical Hamilton."

7) What is your motto or philosophy?

Grado: "Everything happens for a reason."

Sumal: "Always do your best."

8) What is the ultimate ambition?

Grado: "To just keep doing what I'm doing."

Sumal: "To break Bollywood/Hollywood, but first to break River City."

9) Which Scot Squad character would you love to team up with for a day?

Sumal: "Darren Connell as Bobby. But I don't think I could keep a straight face."

Grado: "Probably Darren as well."

10) Have you had any feedback from real life traffic cops?

Grado: "I was pulled over by the police about a headlight once and I think they were more interested in talking about the show. When they saw me they went: 'It's the traffic!'"

Sumal: "Nothing yet. But I've been dying to be pulled over to see if something does happen."



Scot Squad characters PC Jack McLaren (Jordan Young), Bobby Muir (Darren Connell) and Sergeant Karen Anne Millar (Karen Bartke)?

Grado: "Snog Jack, marry Karen and dingy Bobby."

Manjot Sumal: "Same."

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Ken Beattie (James Allenby-Kirk), Maggie LeBeau (M.L. Stone) and PC Sarah Fletcher (Sally Reid)?

Sumal: "Snog Maggie, marry Sarah and dingy Ken."

Grado: "Snog Sarah, marry Ken and dingy Maggie."

Chief Commissioner Cameron Miekelson (Jack Docherty), PC Jane MacKay (Ashley Smith) and PC Charlie McIntosh (Chris Forbes)?

Grado: "Snog Jane, marry Charlie and dingy the Chief."

Sumal: "Same."

Scot Squad is on BBC One, Wednesdays, 10.40pm