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Executive Head Chef David Friel has spearheaded the success of some of Glasgow’s most celebrated restaurants, including The Grill Room at the Square, Rogano, One Up, Bread and Butter and The Chippy Doon The Lane.

Since 2006, David has made a distinctive mark on the Glasgow food scene, merging his passion for clean, classic flavours and high-quality ingredients with a commitment to excellent service and customer satisfaction.

David believes that fantastic food should speak for itself, and this starts with using only the freshest and finest ingredients available. His menus change regularly to showcase the best that Scotland has to offer – from locally sourced seasonal produce to Grade A Scotch beef. The result is straightforward, unpretentious food.


  • These days, austerity chic is contagious and we’re all loathed to throw anything away but we're equally loathed to eat turkey sandwiches for a week.

    So how can you make those leftovers more appealing? It’s easy to use ingredients you've got an excess of to create a few tasty recipes - perfect for Boxing Day and beyond.

    Winter vegetable soup (serves 6-8)

  • I know it may pain all of you traditionalists out there, but sometimes it’s nice to shake things up and serve alternative dishes, like steak, fish or a meat-free feast that’s a break from the norm.

    Smaller families, people who have to work on Christmas Eve or Christmas day (like me!) and those who just don't want the challenge of cooking enough turkey to feed the five thousand can all serve these alternative dishes with pride.

    They are a bit special, yet easy enough to make in much less time so you can cherish Christmas with family and not food!

  • If you want Christmas to be a relaxed, fun festive occasion it pays to plan ahead, so that when the 25th rolls around you can relax and enjoy the day.

    Christmas is a time for celebration which should be spent with family and friends, but if you are the cook in the house and not careful, your quality time can easily be taken over by stress.

  • Adding unusual ingredients or different herbs and spices to your dishes can help create the perfect alternative Christmas feast that will wow your dinner guests.

    Your turkey is always going to be the main attraction, but it’s easy to jazz up your main by giving the classic Christmas trimmings a tasty twist.

  • Christmas dinner just isn't complete without gravy. Forget about the stuff that comes from granules or packets. I mean the thick, flavoursome rich and real gravy that will add the perfect finishing touch to your festive feast, bringing the whole dish together.

    If you’ve been tasked with the cooking this year, Christmas day can be stressful and lots of people make the mistake of rushing around last minute trying to make gravy while the rest of the Christmas lunch or dinner is getting cold.

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