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My name is Erin and I write the fortnightly beauty column, Makeup Manifesto.

I am a professional makeup artist and skincare expert. Through my extensive knowledge and expertise I will be providing you with articles regarding all things beauty, makeup and skincare related.

I have worked and trained with many companies in the beauty industry including Space NK.  I' m currently a CosMedic consultant and make-up artist for the specialist makeup brand Cover FX.

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  • The circles can be different in colour - from a blueish purple tone to dark yellow and brown - but they can all be treated in the same way.

    Sadly, dark cirlces won't vanish overnight. But with patience and time - and the right products - you can make a difference.

    What causes dark circles?

  • Some of us just don’t have the time to book into a beauty salon and get a manicure and pedicure. That’s where my at home mani/pedi routine will come in handy for those days where you feel like treating yourself and don't have much time.

    Step one

  • I am astonished by the number of times people are given the wrong advice. They believe there are certain rules and restrictions governing what they can and can’t do.  A lot of the time the 'advice' or 'tips' are misinformed and completely incorrect.

    It’s time to separate fact from fiction and find out the truth behind these myths.

    Myth 1: use a dark foundation to make you look tanned

  • Yes, skincare products can help our skin greatly, however, if you really want to notice a difference and have a healthy complexion it all whittles down to what you are eating.

    There are many different types of food containing various skin enhancing ingredients and age-defying anti-oxidants that can provide the boost needed to get your skin glowing. So, to make it a little easier, I have listed the best and worst foods for your skin.

    The good:

  • How many times have you gone to work in the morning looking fabulous and come lunch time you’re feeling a little worse for wear?

    Truth is, the majority of us need a little pick me up throughout the day to keep us looking presentable and groomed.  A small bundle of beauty products can come in handy while at work and won’t have you leaving your desk for an emergency make over.

    Follow these few simple steps and tips to ensure you look fresh and work ready throughout the day!

  • Flare ups, redness and tightness are only some of the symptoms when dealing with sensitive skin and Rosacea - any of these issues can trigger at any time and can also be genetic, passed down within a family.

    Sensitivity of the skin can sometimes even be the first signs of Rosacea. Rosacea is a skin condition that affects your cheeks, nose and sometimes forehead. The skin flares up with blotchy red patches, spots are often visible and small broken veins may appear. Rosacea can appear at any stage in your life and it is a skin condition that is difficult to deal with.

  • I recommend using a technique called ‘face mapping’ when trying to resolve the problem. By using my basic face map it will allow you to locate the area you are prone to blemishes and also what you need to do to clear up your skin.

    Area 1 – spots and blemishes that appear on the forehead, temples and between the eyebrows can be linked to your bladder, digestive system and liver. It's commonly known that if you have regular break outs on your forehead your digestive system is slow and sluggish.

  • Buried away for months or even years, it has most likely past its peak.

    Similar to food, cosmetics have an expiry date. Once opened, they must be used in a certain period of time to gain the full benefits. Use them too long after opening and your products can start to have a detrimental effect. When using products past their expiry date it can result in minor skin issues, break outs and infections. Unfortunately, most products don’t provide you with the best before date and it’s a hassle trying to figure it out.

  • Highlighting and creating shadow can be an intimidating topic when it comes to applying make-up. Choosing the incorrect shade for contouring can be hazardous and going overboard with highlighter is an easy mistake to make.

  • At this time of year, it’s likely that our skin can look lack lustre and tiresome. We have over indulged and had too many late nights from the previous month, which results in bland complexions and worn out features.

    During the month of January (and February) your main focus should be skin brightening and enhancing your complexion to get back your natural glow.

    Follow my tips and tricks to ensure you look bright-eyed and bushy tailed for the months ahead.

  • You have most likely heard of many routines and rules to cleansing, however, if you stick to my tried and tested basic cleansing steps, your skin will reap the rewards.

    To begin your cleansing routine, you need to remove your make-up first. By using a cleansing water or an oil based make-up remover you can break down the first layers of your make-up – including your eye make-up. By taking off your make-up first, it allows for fuss free cleansing and your second cleanse can penetrate into the skin.

  • By refreshing and updating your routine for the year ahead, you can kick-start your skin and blow away the remnants of the indulgent period. 

    There are certain areas in skincare regimes that get neglected or ignored, but if you start your improvements early and stick to them, your skin will thank you in the long run.

    By following my five simple steps, the benefits will reveal themselves throughout the year!

  • A: As we are now in full swing of the Christmas period it means the festive parties are coming thick and fast.

    Whether it’s a work party or a family gathering, we all want to look our best. Treating yourself head-to-toe in advance will give many benefits in the long run and make the hectic process of getting ready on the day a lot easier and much less stressful.

    I would recommend preparing for any Christmas party a week in advance; it allows the time to ensure you are in tip top condition on the day!

  • A: We all have those days when, the minute our alarm goes off in the morning, we just know we are going to have a bad beauty day! These are the mornings when we tend to wake-up with blemishes, dark circles and many more beauty issues.

    The natural reaction is to pile on the make-up. However, this will more than likely make you feel and look ten times worse.

     I have some quick fixes and beauty solutions to share with you that can convert your nightmare mornings into bearable days.

  • A. Lipsticks are a great way to instantly upgrade any make-up look. There are many different types of lipsticks on the market from full on matte to super moisturising. However, a lot of them do not last. I go by a certain rule that if a lipstick does not last through dinner and drinks then it needs a little extra 'oomph' to last that extra mile.

    There are a few sure-fire ways to make your lipstick last and your pout prolong its perfection.

  • How can I pick the perfect shade of foundation?

    A. Choosing the correct foundation shade can be daunting and potentially disastrous. From Porcelain Ivory to Honey Beige, how are you ever going to know which shade is the right one for you? 

    This is where I have perfected picking the right shade, saving myself from many unnecessary purchases. And now you can do the same.

    The correct foundation shade is essential to any make-up look and if it’s not accurate it can result in nasty tide lines and uneven faces.

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