The Cumberland and Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart had a small, mixed offering of store cattle at their first sale of the year in Dumfries yesterday.

Fifty-nine bullocks sold to 212.8p per kg and averaged 191.2p, while eleven heifers peaked at 190p and levelled at 160.3p. Five young bulls sold to 236p and averaged 209.9p.

John Swan Ltd sold 29 prime bullocks in St Boswells yesterday to a top of 236p and an average of 217.7p (+3.4p on the week), while 39 prime heifers peaked at 238p and levelled at 216.2p (+5.3p).

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Two young bulls averaged 190.8p.

In the rough ring 91 beef-type OTM cattle averaged 133.2p (-1.5p), while six dairy-type levelled at 92.3p. The firm also sold 2297 prime hoggs to average 152.4p (no change), while 714 cast sheep levelled at £57.22 (+£12.40).

Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd had 1785 prime hoggs forward at Ayr yesterday that included a large show of hoggs over 44kg and handling on the thick side.

All classes again proved harder to cash, as seen at other centres towards the end of last week.

Top prices on the day were £80 per head and 163.3p per kg with the overall average levelling at 136.2p (-8.3p).

The 557 cast sheep forward saw Continental ewes meet a similar trade, while Mules and Blackfaces were cheaper.

Top priced ewes were a pen of Texels that sold for £128, while Blackfaces peaked at £49.