• 30 January 2015

    After four years work in Cuba a group, including specialists from Scotland's Rural College (SRUC), has finally achieved their goal by producing renewable energy from an invasive weed and returning abandoned sugar cane land to food production.

  • 29 January 2015

    THE final report from the Agricultural Holdings Legislation Review Group (AHLRG) was never going to please everyone, but now that industry leaders have had time to analyse it in depth it has become apparent that it will create as many problems as it solves.

  • 28 January 2015

    Lawrie & Symington Ltd sold 2061 prime hoggs in Lanark on Monday to a top of £98.50 per head and 214.7p per kg to average 187.3p (-3.9p on the week).

  • 28 January 2015

    SCOTLAND'S farmers will not be surprised to learn that their income is on the wane.

  • 27 January 2015

    The Cumberland and Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart sold 63 store heifers in Dumfries yesterday to a top of 280p per kg and an average of 215.8p (+7.8p on the previous sale), while 120 store, beef-bred bullocks peaked at 284.7p and levelled at 232.3p (+5.5p).

  • 26 January 2015

    The Cabinet Secretary Richard Lochhead announced last week that a formal review of the legislation and guidance in relation to sewage sludge use on land has been commissioned following a number of public complaints last year.

  • 24 January 2015

    Alyn Smith, MEP and member of the European Parliament's Agriculture Committee, has condemned the UK Government's lack of response to the developing crisis in the farming supply chain.