Business Opinion

  • 8 April 2014

    SCOTTISH Chambers of Commerce chief executive Liz Cameron has provided a timely reminder about the continuing fragility of economic recovery.

  • 6 April 2014

    The Scottish Parliament's inquiry into Scotland's economic future post-2014 continues to entertain, though Agenda struggles to think what kind of coherent report could possibly emerge from this somewhat random and politically contentious series of knockabout sessions.

  • 6 April 2014

    If and when finance for buyers becomes available and plentiful, housebuilding faces another hurdle - planning.

  • 28 March 2014

    THE tough trading conditions driving mergers and partner defections in the Scottish legal sector are starkly underlined in the latest research.

  • 23 March 2014

    Economic buzzword of the year is "Abenomics", named after the Japanese PM Shinzo Abe, having some small success in reviving the world's third-largest economy.

  • 22 March 2014

    In his penultimate Budget before the next General Election, George Osborne needed to demonstrate that his approach to addressing the UK's economic challenges and building a resilient economy is working.