Personal Finance

  • 18 October 2014

    DR Mante Nieuwland and his wife Andrea, who both lecture in psychology at Edinburgh University, came to the capital from Spain two years ago, in good time for the arrival of Siardus, who is now eight months old.

  • 12 October 2014

    Borrowers can now fix their mortgage rate for five years for as little as 2.79% as some of the UK's biggest lenders, including Halifax, Nationwide and HSBC, have cut their rates over the past few weeks.

  • 11 October 2014

    Some of the biggest losers among loyal shareholder-customers have been from within the banking sector.

  • 11 October 2014

    COMPANIES floating on the stock exchange are failing to exploit today's technology to open up share offers to the public, the UK's biggest broker says on today's anniversary of the Royal Mail flotation.

  • 11 October 2014

    THREE-QUARTERS of young adults make mistakes with their money which haunt them for years to come - but it is never too late to learn to manage better.

  • 5 October 2014

    IF new car sales are a barometer of economic health, the UK recovery would seem to be motoring along nicely.

  • 28 September 2014

    Two-thirds of stock market investors were holding their breath in the early hours of September 19, hoping for a No verdict in the independence referendum - if you believe a poll (of just 102 customers) conducted by online broker TD Direct Investing across the UK published on the eve of the vote.

  • 27 September 2014

    Vikki Allan, who left the University of Abertay this summer with an honours degree in social sciences with management, is working hard to get her finances in good order.

  • 27 September 2014

    A GROUP of timeshare owners at Macdonald Resorts is mounting a campaign against what it calls the "wholesale destruction of our resorts".