Lawrie & Symington sold 13 prime heifers in Lanark on Monday to a top of 255p per kg and an average of 223p (+7.5p on the week), while 11 prime, beef-bred bullocks peaked at 231p and levelled at 213.8p (-7.8p).

Six prime B&W bullocks averaged 160.8p (+1.4p).

In the rough ring, 74 beef cows averaged 125p, while 63 dairy cows levelled at 99p. Ten OTM cattle averaged 142p and five bulls levelled at 122p.

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The firm also sold 1995 prime lambs to a top of £90 per head and 209.5p per kg to average 165.1p (+17.2p).

The 408 cast sheep forward saw ewes sell to £88.50 for Texels and £51.50 for Blackfaces with the overall average levelling at £41.22 (+55p).

A small show of five dairy cattle sold to £1900 and averaged £1422.

Craig Wilson sold 1721 prime lambs at Ayr on Monday to a top of £90 and 200.1p to average 158.9p (+10.1p).

There were also 646 cast sheep forward when heavy ewes met a similar trade on the week, while a larger show of plainer types eased in value. Top price on the day for ewes was £99.50 for a pen of Texels, while Blackfaces sold to £52.50.

Wallets Marts had a larger show of 231 store cattle in Castle Douglas on Monday that met with a ready demand. Bullocks sold to £1050 per head and 226.4p per kg to average 188.3p, while heifers peaked at £880 and 193.2p to level at 167p.

The breeding cattle section included a reduction of cows with autumn-born calves at foot from DL Young & Co, East Drummoddie, Whauphill. They sold to a top of £1280 for a Shorthorn cow with an Aberdeen-Angus bull calf at foot. The 24 cows and calves averaged £1077.50.

The firm went on to sell 1352 prime lambs at the same venue yesterday to a top of £85 and 179.7p to average 157.2p.

The 417 cast sheep forward sold to £81 for a Beltex ram and averaged £41.29 overall.

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers' Mart had a smaller show of 6001 store lambs in Longtown yesterday that resulted in all classes being sharper on the week.

Top prices and averages: Texels to £66.50 and averaged £48.83; Suffolks £63.50 and £47.46; Greyfaces £56 and £44.69; Hill Cheviots £56.50 and £38.41; Blackfaces £56 and £34.33; Swaledales £33.50 and £25.98.

Craig Wilson sold 16 prime heifers at Ayr yesterday to a top of £1231.20 and 240.5p to average £1133.94 and 212.1p, while 12 prime bullocks peaked at £1320 and 220p to level at £1193.68 and 104.7p.

Seven young bulls averaged £1241.2p and 190.1p.

In the rough ring, 138 beef cows averaged 130.6p and 175 dairy cows levelled at 96.4p. Sixteen bulls averaged 125.8p.

Another large show of 15 dairy cattle sold to £1950 (twice) for Holstein Friesian heifers and averaged £1603.