CRAIG Wilson held its last store cattle sale of the season in Newton Stewart on Friday when plainer types proved harder to cash.

The 115 heifers sold to a top of £1070 per head and 210.9p per kg to average 167p, while 117 beef-bred bullocks peaked at £1045 and 229.2p to level at 185.6p. Sixty-three B&W bullocks sold to 154.4p and averaged 140.3p.

The firm went on to sell 1873 prime lambs at Ayr yesterday when those weighing less than 43kg were steadily bid for, while those weighing 43kg and over proved much harder to cash. Top prices on the day were £91 per head and 202.2p per kg with the overall average levelling at 150.6p (-7.7p on the week).

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There were also 476 cast sheep forward that were a mixed show for quality with all classes again easier on the week. Ewes sold to £93.50 for Texels and £45.50 for Blackfaces, while rams peaked at £101 for a pen of Texels.

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers' Mart held its fortnightly sale of store cattle in Dumfries yesterday when there was a plainer show on offer. The 70 bullocks forward sold to £1025 and 221.3p to average 176.7p, while 114 heifers peaked at £1100 and 198.4p to level at 172.7p. Seven young bulls sold to £1080 and 201.9p to average 185.3p.

John Swan sold 46 prime bullocks at its weekly sale in St Boswells yesterday to a top of 236p and an average of 204.1p (-4.4p), while 29 prime heifers peaked at 238p and levelled at 213.2p (-4.9p).

In the rough ring, 104 beef-type OTM cattle averaged 125.7p (+1p).

In the sheep ring, 3436 prime lambs averaged 154.5p (-6.8p) and 1030 cast sheep levelled at £43.91.