SECRETS of the Craft (left), a carpet designed by Aberdeen-born artist Ruth Ewan, is part of an exhibition and sale that last week became the Dovecot Studio's biggest visitor draw to date.

The Edinburgh studio's exhibition Carpets of Distinction is expected to tour the UK after it closes on January 13.

It features work by seven Scots artists, including John Byrne and Alasdair Gray, who were invited to celebrate the legacy of industrial carpet-making in Scotland.

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The inspiration came from the recently opened Templeton/Stoddard archive, holding the business and design papers of the world-famous carpet firm James Templeton and Co of Glasgow Green.

Ewan's design, one of six made in "limited editions" and selling for £7800, is based on the livery and motto of the Incorporation of Weavers in Glasgow.

Studio director David Weir said: "The exhibition celebrates the enormous success that Templeton had for over a century - The company's agents set out from Glasgow to find inspiration and innovation."

He added: "If we want to reinvigorate textiles in Scotland we need to have that same confidence and continue to work with the best designers."