LAWRIE and Symnington Ltd sold 18 prime heifers in Lanark on Monday to a top of 251p per kg and an average of 222p (-2p on the week), while 10 prime, beef-bred bullocks peaked at 242p and levelled at 202.5p (-8.2p).

Seven prime, B&W bullocks averaged 174p (+4p).

In the rough ring 59 beef cows averaged 125p, while 22 dairy cows levelled at 108p. Twenty-three OTM cattle averaged 140p and 3 bulls levelled at 120p.

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There were also 2892 prime lambs that sold to £93 per head and 208.1p per kg to average 154.8p (-2.3p).

The 758 cast sheep forward saw ewes sell to £134.50 for Texels and £57.50 for Blackfaces to average £47.63 overall (n/c).

The Cumberland and Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart sold 3503 store lambs in Longtown yesterday. Top prices and averages: Suffolks to £54.50 and averaged £49.34; Texels £55.50 and £47.97; NCC £55 and £45.68; Charollais £52 and £44.93; Greyfaces £56 and £44.85; Hill Cheviots £51 and £33.87; Blackfaces £40 and £22.07.