United Auctions sold 1174 store bullocks at Stirling on Wednesday to a top of 337.3p per kg and an average of 220.6p (+9.6p on the week), while 933 store heifers peaked at 318p and levelled at 211.7p (+12p).

One-hundred-and-five young bulls sold to 261.3p and averaged 207.7p.

In the rough ring, 230 cows averaged 145.8p.

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The firm went on to sell 4230 prime hoggs at the same venue on Thursday to a top of £96 per head and 222p per kg to average 165.6p (+7.1p).

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers' Mart sold 6767 prime hoggs in Longtown on Thursday to a top of £104.50 and 251p to average 172p (+3.5p).

There were also 6435 cast sheep forward with heavy ewes selling to £134.50 for Texels and averaging £63.40 (-£1.94), while light ewes peaked at £62.50 for Blackfaces and levelled at £36.32 (+£2.49).

Cast rams sold to £118.50 for a Charollais and averaged £61.90 (-£1.67).