Harrison and Hetherington sold 130 pedigree Limousin bulls in Carlisle on Saturday to a top of 32,000 guineas for the May 2011-born Gladiator from Cumbrian breeder S J Nixon's Huntershall Herd.

The corresponding 2012 sale at Carlisle, dubbed as the "sale of the century", was always going to be a hard act to measure up against.

Then, 131 bulls averaged a staggering and all-breeds record £8243, with a 120,000gns bull leading the way.

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Saturday's sale saw one fewer bull sold than last year, for a reasonable average of £5332.15 and a clearance rate of 76%.

However, putting that into perspective, this year's sale average was up by some £306 on the corresponding 2011 sale.

United Auctions sold 121 pedigree Simmental bulls at Stirling yesterday to a breed record top price of 45,000gns for the Champion Bel Dhu Capercaillie 11 from W G MacPherson, Blackford.

That hefty bid helped push the final average to £5665, down £571 on the year for a 77% clearance.

Thirty-six Simmental females peaked at 6000gns and levelled at £2964.

There were also eight Saler bulls that sold to 5500gns and averaged £4029 (-£293 for a 67% clearance), while three British Blue bulls peaked at 7000gns and levelled at £6020.

The Cumberland and Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart sold 115 store heifers in Dumfries yesterday to a top of 231.1p per kg and an average of 200.6p, while 104 store beef-bred bullocks peaked at 257.5p and levelled at 211.6p.

Thirty-four store, B&W bullocks sold to 167.4p and averaged 161.2p.

Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd sold 2435 prime hoggs at Ayr yesterday to a top of £90 per head and 205.1p to average 164.9p (+3.8p on the week).

There were also 525 cast sheep forward with leaner, Blackface ewes cheaper on the week, while Mule ewes met a similar trade.

Ewes sold to £84 for a pen of Texels and £52.50 for Blackfaces.

Harrison and Hetherington sold 35 prime heifers in Carlisle yesterday to a top of 234.5p and an average of 204.4p (+2p), while 30 prime bullocks peaked at 238.5p and levelled at 201.17 (+0.4p).

Twenty-two beef-bred, young bulls sold to 227.5p and averaged 199.4p, while 49 dairy-bred, young bulls peaked at 187.5p and levelled at 165.8p.

In the rough ring 121 beef cows averaged 146.1p (-7.4p) and 154 dairy cows levelled at 117.3p (-7.4p). Seven bulls averaged 155.1p

There were also 1626 prime hoggs that sold to £100 and 259.7p to average 178.5p (+6.4p).

Fifty-one heavy ewes sold to £99.50 for Texels and averaged £51.76 (-£5.29), while 15 light ewes peaked at £52.50 for Hill Cheviots and averaged £30.95 (+£7.45).