Scottish firms have already won £250 million worth of contracts for Glasgow's 2014 Commonwealth Games, amounting to 90% of the value of the contracts to date, the Scottish Government has revealed.

Legacy 2014, the department charged with maximising the sporting, economic and social impact of the Glasgow games, has been praised by London 2012 and British Olympic chairman, Lord Coe. He expects the Scottish event to "take to another level" London's success in combining socially-improving volunteering and public-health programmes with the achieving lasting commercial advantages for local firms.

Coe, who as ex-chairman of the London organising committee of the Olympic Games has a formal advisory role for the 2014 Games, visited Glasgow last week for a meeting of the city's 2018 Youth Olympic Games bid representatives.

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As the Prime Minister's Olympic legacy adviser, he met with Scottish firms which won contracts in London to assess the longer-term benefits of their involvement in the games. Scottish companies which benefited from London 2012 include Glasgow IT firm BiP Solutions which designed a "portal" for small companies to bid for contracts, and Bonnybridge catering equipment company, E&R Moffat.

Coe commended the Glasgow delivery teams, telling the Sunday Herald: "I am loathe to keep talking about the 'lessons to be learned' from the Olympics by Glasgow because actually Glasgow is doing a really good job and it is not as if they are waiting for outside help. I have been conscious of a Glasgow team travelling to virtually every sporting event I've been to in last four to five years, But it is important that they all learn from best and most current levels and standards. Particularly with what I call the 'spiritual side' of the games, Glasgow will be able to build on our experience and hopefully take it to another level because that's what you want out of events."

The former Olympic runner and former Conservative MP said he did not know whether or not he was "on the same page" with the Scottish Government about the economic benefits of last year's summer games to Scotland.

Although responsible for organising the British Olympic teams for the Rio Olympics in 2016, he said he was not "kept awake" worrying about the effects of the possible break-up of the UK following the 2014 independence referendum.

"I am chairman of the British Olympic Association and unless and until we are confronted with new realities it is business as usual," he said.

Jillian Moffat, head of the games legacy team at Scottish Enterprise, said: "Events like these give Scottish companies the chance to demonstrate they can perform at a truly global level. It's part of our job to help businesses appreciate the opportunities being presented and make sure they are making the most of them."

The Glasgow 2014 organisers claim that over £50 million of business contracts will be generated from the 2014 Games during the next six months.

To date, 75% of 2014 Games contracts amounting to £276m have been won by Scottish-based businesses. The procurement programme for the games is expected to total £350m.