AYR Prime cattle and young bulls (40) met a firm trade.

Bullocks (3) averaged 238.14p/kg, young bulls (11) 236.07p/kg, heifers (21) 229.9p/kg, Friesian bulls (5) 136.43p/kg. Trade for dairy cattle (15) sharper with better show for quality. Calved heifers to £2200 to average £1780. Calves and stirks (107) maintained recent high rates. Bull calves to £460 (Hereford) and heifer calves to £460 (Limousin). Cast bulls peaked at £1600 (Aberdeen-Angus) and clean cattle to £1250 (Aberdeen-Angus). Beef cows to £1360 (Simmental). Dairy types to £1130 (Black and White). Averages (per kg) - bulls (15) 128.9p, beef cows (160) 130.7p, dairy cows (131) 103.7p, clean cattle (15) 188.41p. Craig Wilson Ltd

NEWTON STEWART Prime lambs (963) scarcer and trade similar to last week. Average 162/p/kg. Top price £80/head and 175.1p/kg for Texels. Lleyn to £74 and Suffolk to £70.20. Cast ewes (217) also scarcer but better quality. Beltex to £103, Mules £75 and Blackface £50. Craig Wilson Ltd

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DUMFRIES Demand for prime cattle (47) was more buoyant for the best sorts with more grass-fed cattle forward. Heifers to 261.5/kg and £1522.88/head (Limousin). Bullocks to 251.5p/kg and £1622.18/head (Limousin). British Blue to 243.5p/kg. OTM (40) to £1352/head and 160p/kg (Limousin).

Trade sharper for prime lambs (727). Sale average 167.3p/kg. Lightweight to 192p/kg to average 166.6p/kg, medium to 196p/kg to average 167.7p/kg, heavy to 165p to average 156.4p/kg. Better show of cast ewes and rams (698). Heavy ewes averaged £61.20 and light ewes £34.33. Texels to £91.50, Suffolk £75.50, Mule £63.50, NCC £61.50, Lleyn £44.50, Blackface £41.50. - Cumberland and Dum- friesshire Farmers Mart.