ENTREPRENEUR Carol Deeney has stepped up her drive to convince Londoners of the merits of haggis by establishing her own brand in conjunction with Bel's Butchers of Edzell.

Ms Deeney, who is from Fochabers, Moray, runs a stall at various London markets selling Scottish products including a Macbeth haggis toasted sandwich with mustard and onions.

Some 16 months since setting up in business, she is complementing this with a range of haggis customers in time for Burns Night.

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Ms Deeney said: "I was keen to get a butcher on board from the area I grew up in and award winning Bel's Butchers of Edzell was a great fit.

"Annabel Forbes has a fantastic butchery and shop and is in line with my female entrepreneurial spirit."

Deeney's will sell the haggis at £10 a kilogram to both wholesale and retail customers.

It will be available in 390 gram rounds or larger catering sticks of 1.5 kilograms.

The firm will also supply a larger chieftain haggis for the address to the haggis at Burns Suppers.

Deeney's has suggested that customers can either use haggis in a traditional manner or as a substitute for other meats to create the likes of haggis lasagne or haggis pizza or alongside poached eggs as a breakfast dish.

Ms Deeney, a Glasgow university business and management graduate moved to London four years ago to pursue a career in advertising.

Her decision to move into catering was a return to her roots. For 13 years, the Deeney family ran the Quaich cafe in Fochabers, where she was the "Saturday girl".