Case study

Case study

Glasgow solicitor Alison McKay realised the value of mortgage payment insurance in 2012, four years after buying her first flat with husband Michael Hankinson. "I personally had a family member who was diagnosed terminally ill, " Ms McKay says.

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"The fact there was financial insurance in place paid their mortgage and took away a huge stress."

In her profession she also sees clients who have got into financial difficulties, and who wished they had put protection in place.

"There are situations, especially in employment law, where they are unable to work through ill-health, are struggling with their income, and maybe have to go to the government to claim benefit."

Ms McKay says: "It was something that initially we didn't have, but we got a wake-up call when that happened in the family. We decided we needed to take some advice." The couple's adviser identified Bright Grey as the best option for combined life cover with income protection. "Bright Grey was the most competitive quote in terms of our income, the most affordable per month," Ms McKay says. "It was so easy to set up, it gets paid by direct debit each month and you don't notice it coming off your income."