AG Barr has branched out further into the frozen dessert market with the launch of an Irn-Bru flavoured ice cream lolly.

A large ice cube appeared in Glasgow's George Square ahead of the official unveiling of the product.

The cube, which attracted interest from curious passers-by yesterday as it slowly melted, had the ice creams encased within it.

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Cumbernauld based AG Barr has been selling ice-cream and lollies under its Rubicon brand for almost two years.

That decision to move into the frozen sector, taken in March 2012, was its first major move outside of its core soft drinks market with predictions of up to £4m of sales each year.

The new Irn-Bru product will be available in shops across Scotland from this March.

Adrian Troy, head of marketing at Irn-Bru, said "Our fans have told us that they would love to see an official Irn-Bru ice cream and we've listened.

"We worked hard to get it right, and all of our taste testers have given it top marks.

"It's a product we're very excited about and we're certain it will put a big smile on everyone's faces."

Nadia Stefanowicz, 22, from Giffnock, was the first to get her hands on the ice cream in George Square.

She said: "I had my eyes on the prize and was determined to get it out of the cube."

The product is described as having "a thick Irn-Bru shell, creamy Irn-Bru ice cream and a phenomenal Irn-Bru ripple".