A right old pounding

A right old pounding

BANK of England governor Mark Carney's speech in Edinburgh last week made big political waves but also produced ripples in the backwater of the Twittersphere.

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According to Marplesmarbles, "they were selling Scottish pound notes on ebay a few years ago: they were worth £7.50!"

Proud Jock tweeted: "I can't personally see why we can't have our own bank and currency, we already have notes the English don't accept".

At which Marplesmarbles revealed: "I can beat that. Clydesdale Bank refused to accept their own £s in their branch at Piccadilly Circus."

Coffee insight

WE know many business people are coffee-fuelled so were interested to see Graham's The Family Dairy producing its own guide to java, featuring recipes and barista tips.

Executives at the company also revealed their personal tastes with managing director Robert Graham partial to a double macchiato after dinner and director Jean Graham enjoying an extra shot of a high roast coffee in her cappuccino.

Our personal favourite was chairman Robert Graham who enjoys coffee at all times of day but "always out of a cup and saucer".

We also liked the fact this "straight talking farmer" has his own frother to make perfect cappuccinos.

Old habits

THE Bottom Line was this week quizzing John McAdam, the Scot who heads Seattle-based technology firm F5 Networks, on the difference between doing business in the US and his native UK.

Mr McAdam, who has been in the States for 19 years, said there were no cultural barriers to Scots succeeding in the US, though he suggested the Scottish humour perhaps more quickly came to the fore.

He also said the Scottish accent tended to play well on a global stage, noting that in business "sometimes it helps".

Having steered F5 Networks to profits of $277m last year, and having served as its chief executive since July 2000, being a Scot in exile has clearly not held him back.

Born for the job

MACPHIE of Glenbervie revealed this week it is to diversify into wind energy but its core activity remains the production of foodstuff such as cake mixes and icing. So what better employer for one Ashley Baker, its head of research and development?