Head for fund

Head for fund

GLASGOW stockbroking legend Jamie Matheson is to spearhead a dynamic new initiative for the Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre.

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Mr Matheson, who stepped down in 2013 after eight years as executive chairman of City wealth manager Brewin Dolphin, will head a merged fund bringing together the Friends of the Beatson and the Beatson Oncology Fund, the Bottom Line can reveal.

"They want to raise the charitable profile of the hospital, which is actually a world-class institution," he says. "But until we tell the world that, it is not going to attract the support it deserves. When they asked me to do it, my reaction was I don't have a choice."

Jargon alert

SAAD Hammad, bullish chief executive of regional air carrier Flybe, slipped in some classic corporate jargon when discussing the prospects for the firm's white label flying operations.

Commenting on the growing habit European flag carriers to source regional services out to operators such as Flybe, Mr Hammad noted that "the trend is our friend".

The Bottom Line is convinced the airline boss should try his hand at writing ad slogans should he fancy a break from the aviation lark.

Way of life

WHISKY investment analyst Andy Simpson was explaining the origins of his love affair with Scotland's national drink in an interview with The Bottom Line this week.

"I grew up with whisky," he said.

"My mad Glaswegian father put it on my gums when I was teething as a kid."

Mr Simpson, a former corporate banker, explained how we started collecting whisky as a young adult after his father bought him a Collins Gem book on distilleries

The two resolved to build up a collection after agreeing to buy each other a rare or limited bottle at each birthday or special milestone thereafter.

Mr Simpson added: "Much as I was very popular because I was the only kid on the block who got a bottle of Scotch instead of an Easter eggs, whisky is quite harsh for a very young palate. So at the age of 16, rather bizarrely, I started to collect whisky, and it just went from there."

Double take

THE Bottom Line was forced into a quick double take when departing a well-known Glasgow restaurant after interviewing Andrew Meek, managing director of interiors specialist AGM Group.

For, resplendent in the mid-winter sun, stood outside the establishment a van emblazoned with the logo AMG Group on the street.

We assume the vehicle belonged to a business separate to Mr Meek's, rather than a typographic error on one of AGM's.