WILLIE Watt said that, with 70% of its business overseas, Martin Currie stood to be less affected than some financial services firms by a Yes vote in the referendum.

But he warned: "Our view is that the period of uncertainty could be protracted and that in itself is likely to have an impact on Scotland and on the sector." He said negotiations on sterling and EU membership "will take a lot longer than some commentators suggest", adding: "The issues will be what are the transitional arrangements, what does it do in terms of investment in the economy, what does it do in terms of the ability to attract talent?"

He said Martin Currie would "continue to review our processes and how the company works to make sure we are happy".

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He added: "We have been in Scotland since 1881, most of our people are based here, we think it's a great place to do business and we want to make sure it remains that depending on whatever scenario pans out."