World Cup wine

World Cup wine

THE financial industry has noticed that there is - sorry to mention it, folks - a World Cup about to start. So far this week we have had travel currency, retail sales, food marketing, an investment competition and home insurance all linked to events in Brazil.

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Home insurance? Yes, the AA has revealed the shocking statistic that 23 per cent of the population has had a home accident while watching a sporting event on TV.

In 71 per cent of cases, this involved "spilling wine on the carpet".

The Bottom Line would be surprised if wine was the drink of choice for Scottish World Cup viewers.

A sore one to take

THE campaign website Move Your Money wastes no opportunity to berate the big banks the moment more bad news emerges. On reports that four banks had underpaid customers £1 billion in compensation for PPI mis-sales, it immediately cried out: "Once again we're seeing big finance trying to get away with minimal effort."

It then urged customers to "find out more about how your bank's performing on our Ethical Sorecard".

The Bottom Line is tempted to urge Move Your Money to make a little more effort itself, and to check its own spelling before publishing . But then again, perhaps the misnomer is just as apt?

Blast from the past

A QUAINT reference was cited by the European Commission as it explained the type of activity covered by the Consumer Rights Directive, which passed into UK law last week.

The Commission states that, in addition to online shopping, mail order and door-to-door sales, the new rules will cover sales "at a Tupperware" party.

The Bottom Line was blissfully unaware that such retro suburban activity was still taking place.

Atlantic challenge

PERHAPS his day job is just not challenging enough. Chartered surveyor come adventurer Nick Hancock is taking time out from his duties at DM Hall to break the record for the longest stay on Rockall, the tiny island located 186 miles west of St Kilda in the North Atlantic.

Mr Hancock, who hopes to raise £10,000 for Help for Heroes, knows exactly what he is letting himself in for. He first visited Rockall, which is just 25 metres wide and 22m long, in 2012, and was then forced to abandon his previous record attempt in 2013 because of unseasonal sea swells.

He hopes to stay on the island for 60 days, carrying out geographical research

It's amazing what some folk will do to get out of the office.