The Saltire Foundation, Scotland's world-class entrepreneurial leadership programme, attracted record numbers of ambitious young Scots to this year's internships.

The number of Saltire Scholars rose by nearly one third, with 132 undergraduates taking part, up from the record-breaking 103 in 2013.

The course opens the doors of the world's leading companies to students from universities across Scotland, enabling them to engage with global strategists and entrepreneurs in 44 companies. They include the likes of IBM and GlaxoSmithKline.

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Sandy Kennedy, Saltire Foundation chief executive, said: "It is very gratifying to see such a surge in the numbers of young people who are keen to build their confidence, skills and ambition.

"Scotland's commercial reputation in the global arena can only be enhanced by this fantastic response, which beats all previous years, and we are delighted to welcome these confident, entrepreneurial and driven young potential executives." Scholars attend a leadership development day this month along with other events.

Internships are sourced in a fields such as engineering, science, marketing, management, finance, arts management, video production, law, business development, tourism and hospitality and international relations.

Mr Kennedy added: "2014 is a very important year for Scotland in many ways and the eyes of the world are on our country. We will need young people of this calibre to underpin the country's viable commercial future."