GLENCAIRN Crystal has unveiled plans to increase its workforce by 50 per cent as the company looks to keep pace with buoyant demand for glassware from customers in industries like Scotch whisky production.

The East-Kilbride based firm said it will recruit an additional 20 workers in coming months expanding the workforce to 60 employees, from 40.

The company has been awarded around £120,000 official funding under the Regional Selective Assistance programme towards the costs of a £750,000 investment in facilities and staffing.

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Managing director Paul Davidson said it has been enjoying strong growth in business.

He said: "Every month it just gets better and better."

Demand from Scotch whisky makers has remained very strong and does not seem to have been affected by the clamp down on gift giving in China.

Glencairn supplies engraved bottles and decanters in which whisky firms can sell premium brands.

Mr Davidson said demand from makers of other drinks, including rum and port, is also strong as the company benefits from the broader economic recovery.

Mr Davidson said the corporate gift market is coming back. The tourist sector is also very good.

Glencairn Crystal grew sales to above £5m in the year to 30 April 2013, from £4.5m in the preceding year. It recorded a retained profit of £337,880.