Rich pickings

Rich pickings

THE Bottom Line was ­staggered to see research from Scottish Friendly which suggested that young savers were putting aside an ­average of £204 a month.

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We wondered if this generation of 18 to 24-year-olds are getting paid well enough not to miss that kind of sum.

On reflection a more likely scenario is that they are still being subsidised by their parents and living at home while saving up to get on the housing ladder.

We expect the Bank of Mum and Dad offers more generous terms than most lenders and missing several repayments doesn't end with the bailiffs at the door.

Careful planning

SOME worrying research on wills with around 10 per cent apparently never checked or last done at least 20 years ago.

A study by Investec found almost a third are also out of date as they don't take into account major life changes such as marriage, children and divorce.

While The Bottom Line knows you can't take it with you, perhaps we all need to start thinking a bit more closely about where we are going to put it.

Stashing cash under the mattress is not an option.

Duvet days

FROM this month workers have the right to ask their employer to be able to work flexibly, and (according to 02 and Costa Coffee) 46 per cent of UK workers find the coffee shop a more productive working environment than the office.

Happily the legislation, while giving your boss the right to say no, does not require you to specify exactly where you plan to be working flexibly from.

According to the survey, the most popular locations include the gym (seven per cent), the pub (eight per cent), and, the most flexible options we can think of, in bed (10 per cent).

Nice work if you can get it.

Not tennis

AND following on from that we were tickled by some of the reasons Scottish people have come up with for skiving off work.

Alongside the obvious staples which included lying about their health to spend time in the sun or go to an interview for a new job were some real crackers like getting lost on a weekend away and fallen trees blocking driveways.

We would also have loved to have been on the other end of the line when one wag claimed they got a rash from eating too many strawberries.

We are assuming Wimbledon was on that week.