A SCOTTISH eyewear brand is launching a crowdfunding bid to raise £10,500 in order to start its first production run.

Occles describes its products as eyeshades which wrap around the face, without a bridge over the nose, to block out ambient and ultraviolet light.

The couple behind the concept, Hugh Robertson and Lynne McLeod, came up with the idea while on a beach in Greece three years ago when they saw people covering their heads with towels to block out the sunlight.

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The company has worked with Abertay University over the past 18 months and tried out a number of prototypes.

As well as targeting sunbathers Mr Robertson and Ms McLeod believe there is a market for the Occles for people who want to sleep while travelling, particularly on planes.

Ms McLeod said: "We've designed Occles to look stylish, feel comfortable, protect your eyes and most importantly aid relaxation."

The business plans to commission 5,000 pairs of Occles if the fund-raising target is met.

The campaign, which runs until the end of August, has secured pledges worth more than £2,500 with backers signing up to get a pair.