TARTAN carpet firm Stevens & Graham has invested £50,000 to open a showroom in Glasgow's Bath Street.

The company is using the 1500 square foot store, located a short walk from the King's Theatre, to showcase its designs. It also includes space for interior designers to present ideas to clients.

Stevens & Graham, whose customers include Brooks Brothers, House of Fraser and Tommy Hilfiger, said it took inspiration from London's prestigious Chelsea Harbour development for the store's design.

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With large picture windows overlooking Bath Street, the showroom is lit by crystal chandeliers and lined by gilt-framed tartans and wall coverings designed by Timorous Beasties.

John McIlvogue, who acquired the Glasgow-based carpet designer and manufacturer last year, said: "This showroom is modelled on the speciality outlets in the world's most exclusive shopping arena at Chelsea Harbour, where the internationally wealthy arrive by Rolls-Royce and Lamborghini and where few items for sale display prices."

"We will also have a space in the building where interior designers can work on their concepts and bring their clients to see how their concepts can be realised.

"Carpet making has a long tradition in Scotland and we want our new Bath Street premises to help put the name of Stevens & Graham back on people's lips."

The showroom comes after the firm secured a $1 million deal to distribute its products in the US.

It will see Stevens & Graham team up with Stark, a New York-based carpet, fabric and wall-coverings business, to distribute its tartans to interior designers throughout North America.