Julie Dempsey from Dunfermline admits she is "not a great saver at the best of times," so was determined to give Nationwide's Impulse Saver mobile app a chance.

"If I ever have money left over I am prone to spending it.

"I budget to buy a certain amount of diesel every week, because I travel about 100 miles, and if I have budgeted £80 but only spend £70 or £75 as soon as I have paid the diesel I 'impulse saver' the £5 or £10 left over, and I do the same with my weekly shop."

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She says although savings rates are historically low, the Nationwide accounts stand up well to the rest of the market.

The financial services worker also uses her app to pay bills as a time-saver.

"Once it is set up you click on a button, though you still have to go through security.

"If I get a break at work I will do it there and then, get it out of the way. When I get home there's other things to do."