Malcolm Allan from Bishopbriggs, a retired pharmacist and former secretary of the Scottish Health Campaigns Network, says savers would look to an independent Scottish government for fairness.

He says: "For too long savers, in response to repeated exhortations by successive governments, have taken up ISAs in cash and/or shares as one option of providing for their later years. Yet savings have failed to keep pace with inflation. The present UK Government appears not to recognise the resentment felt by savers of any age, but particularly those relying on fixed incomes, at the still hugely inflated bonuses being paid to those at the top - as opposed to those suffering at the sharp end - of the banking industry. Could an independent Scotland exert any greater control or influence on those in the UK banking sector?"

He goes on: "As to dividends from companies listed on the London Stock Exchange, would these continue to be paid in sterling to investors registered in an independent Scotland, with tax deducted at a potentially different rate north of the Border?"

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