THE problems faced by Scotland’s companies as a result of last year’s Brexit vote have been highlighted yet again in the Bank of Scotland’s latest monthly survey of the economy.

Sterling weakness has sent companies’ costs surging.

Manufacturers in particular flagged the impact of the weak pound as they endured a further acceleration of cost increases from an already heady pace. They also recorded a renewed fall in new export orders.

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Sterling’s weakness should make Scottish exporters more competitive in overseas markets, but this did not seem to produce any obvious overall benefit in September.

Rather, the Bank of Scotland survey indicates the problems generated by the pound’s post-Brexit vote tumble – a drop that reflects the UK’s diminished economic prospects – are far outweighing any benefits.

It is not a happy situation.

The survey also shows employment growth in the Scottish private sector economy slowing to only a marginal pace. And manufacturers’ overall new orders also fell, seemingly underlining the weakness of the UK economy.

Not surprisingly, the Conservatives’ Brexit shambles, the extent of which was underlined at their annual conference last week, has weighed heavily on sterling in recent sessions. And there is no sign of any relief from this fiasco.

So Scotland’s companies just have to continue to make the best of difficult circumstances, and hope that some sort of common sense eventually prevails on the Brexit front.