A STUDENT from Welwyn Garden City is set to embark on the adventure of a lifetime this summer when she joins four fellow adventurers for a glaciology expedition to Greenland.

Miss Madeleine Humphreys, of High Oaks in Welwyn Garden City, is currently studying natural sciences at Cambridge University's St Catherine's College.

The two-month expedition to Greenland, which the team sets out on in July, will involve Miss Humphreys, 22, and four other Cambridge students.

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Once in Greenland the five students will carry out a glacial research project for the Glaciological Society of Germany and Denmark.

The glaciological research is important in understanding how the glacier system operates as well as finding out more about global climate changes.

After completing the research leg of the project, the team are going to attempt to climb four mountain peaks that have never been climbed before.

The final phase of the expedition involves a 200km skiing journey along the Greenland glacial ice cap.

Despite the tough task ahead of her, Miss Humphreys an ex-St Albans High School pupil is looking forward to the challenge.

She said: "I am very much looking forward to it. We've been in training for a while and are just keen to get going."

In preparation, the team decamped to Scotland for a few days at New Year to brush up on their skiing and survival skills.

They are currently trying to find sponsorship for the trip, and have already come up with a few innovative ways of proving their commitment to the project while raising money at the same time.

The first is a sponsored overnight stay in a refrigerator, and they are also organising a special ski-dive to generate further funding for the trip.

Information about the expedition, research project and the team's training schedule is available from www.greenland2002.org.uk.