Youth workers in Borehamwood have set up a research project aimed at spreading the word among the town's teenagers about the dangers of arson.

From September, youngsters will log-on to the Internet at Hertsmere Worknet in Shenley Road to find examples from around the world of serious fires which started as dangerous pranks.

Martin Cooke of Hertfordshire County Council's youth and community service said the project was born out of meetings with town firefighters.

They are worried about the current epidemic of fires started deliberately in dustbins, skips, and un-contained piles of waste -- especially near fire escapes of blocks of flats.

On Monday a group of teenagers arrived to get involved in the project and explore what the Internet has to offer.

They were joined by Leading Firefighter Trevor Ray from White Watch at the Elstree Way station, whose community work includes advising shopkeepers on how to prevent their bins falling victim to firebugs.

Mr Cooke said: "We will be starting the project in September and we would like to hear from other young people who may read this story and want to get involved."

He said the youngsters would learn about the dangers of arson, both on the environment and on human lives, and pass the message on to their peers.

The group hopes to set up a Website inviting individuals and organisations from all over the globe to send them the information they need.

Information will be incorporated into posters, aimed at young people, which it is hopes will spread the fire-prevention message further still.

If you would like to get involved, telephone Martin Cooke on 0181 236 7605.

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