Just as the Scottish Social Attitudes Survey revealed that, when it comes to deciding how to vote in the independence referendum "it's the economy stupid", the Scottish Parliament's Economy Committee unveils an all-star cast for its five-month inquiry into the economic aspects of the independence debate.

Along with politicians, including Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander, there is a healthy mix of business on the witness panels from both sides (Dan MacDonald, Rupert Soames), plus those interestingly in the middle (Ben Thompson). But doesn't it risk being a competitive witch trial?

Nonsense, says Tory convener Murdo Fraser MSP: "I have confidence in my fellow committee members to approach this in a proper spirit of inquiry, to help inform the wider public debate." (Cue a stifled guffaw from Agenda).

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He adds: "We're realistic enough to appreciate that inevitably various members of the committee will come with partisan agenda, but I'm there to ensure all witnesses are treated with courtesy, and be subject to a robust but a polite and respectful challenge."