Agenda was privileged to get a tour of the Commonwealth Games Athletes' Village with Harper Macleod, legal advisers to the organising committee and official supporters of the event.

The logistical scale of the temporary operation is breathtaking - the free food-dispensing dining hall in the village is the size of an aircraft hangar - and the permanent part, with houses built by Mactaggart & Mickel, CCG and Cruden Homes ("35 hectares, 6500 beds, 700 future homes" as the Games website blurb puts it), demonstrates how Scottish housebuilding has raised its game in recent years in terms of house style and layout.

The real test, of course, will come five or more years in the future when the claims about creating a new "sense of place" in the somewhat bleakly dispersed built environment of Dalmarnock will be tested to destruction. But if it works, it will surely become a textbook example for urban planning students.

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