IOMART has been a Scottish success story in recent years and appears to be getting closer to a £320 million takeover which would ensure significant windfalls for its shareholders.

Key executives have already been given dispensation to work with Host Europe to progress the deal. Transparency should be a key principle at this crucial period yet Iomart made the surprising decision not to allow the media to attend its annual general meeting.

There have, as yet, been no rumblings of complaint from investors over the size of the potential 300 pence per share offer but an open forum is a perfect place for any concerned shareholder to voice their worries to the Iomart board.

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The AGM further acts as a way for shareholders to voice their approval, or otherwise, in a number of areas including executive remuneration and the re-election of directors to the board.

At a time when the general public's distrust of big business is still prominent actions such as those taken by Iomart yesterday further undermine any sense we are all in this together.