Ken Smiths Diary Archive

  • Tuesday 20 May 2014

    COMEDY writer Phil Differ's show about prison life, Who's Afraid of the Big Bar-L, being performed at Oran Mor during the West End festival, was previewed at Barlinnie, where the prisoners chatted to the performers afterwards.

  • Monday 19 May 2014

    AS tourists begin to make their way to Scotland for the summer, we doff our hat to the tour guides.

  • Sunday 18 May 2014

    THE St Johnstone celebrations after their first Scottish Cup win continued in Perth yesterday with thousands thronging the streets to see the cup being paraded in an open-top bus.

  • Thursday 15 May 2014

    RUGBY ref Ed Crozier was in charge of a charity game at Cartha Queens Park the other day to raise funds for the Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice in Glasgow.

  • Thursday 15 May 2014

    THE Barras Market continued.

  • Tuesday 13 May 2014

    A READER tells us how difficult it has become to order a cup of coffee these days.

  • Tuesday 13 May 2014

    IS it a Paisley thing, we wonder? A reader in a Paisley supermarket spots a chap pick up two melons, and stare at them fondly. She wondered if he was going to make some dubious remark comparing them to parts of a woman's body, when he suddenly remarked: "Ah smashed two o' these wi' a hammer wance." As she was standing nearby, she felt the need to comment and remarked that must have been good. "That it wis, hen, that it wis," he added, still lost in his reverie.

  • Sunday 11 May 2014

    BILL Allan from Stonehaven was walking past the town's Tolbooth Museum when he was stopped by an American tourist who asked him what the large object was outside the musuem's door.

  • Thursday 8 May 2014

    OUR story about the school history exam reminds Russell Vallance in Helensburgh:

  • Wednesday 7 May 2014

    PROBLEMS we never realised existed.

  • Tuesday 6 May 2014

    OUR story about the awkward conversations men have at urinals reminds a reader of Ian Macpherson, brother of Glasgow songwriter Bill Martin, standing in a loo while the chap further up whistled Eurovision winner Puppet on a String.

  • Monday 5 May 2014

    ELMA Stevenson tells us she was at the Corrie Golf Club tearoom on Arran at the weekend when the waitress told her that she was surprised by a customer who came in with her own food and merely asked for a cup of hot water for her tea bag.

  • Sunday 4 May 2014

    WE like how Scots think on their feet.

  • Thursday 1 May 2014

    OUR tales of the late actor Bob Hoskins remind writer Meg Henderson:

  • Wednesday 30 April 2014

    THE film actor Bob Hoskins has died, after an impressive career, often playing Cockneys and gangsters.

  • Tuesday 29 April 2014

    THE news that bumptious American tycoon Donald Trump is offering to buy the Turnberry Hotel has concerned a few readers.

  • Monday 28 April 2014

    A SOUTH-Side reader had to phone a financial services company as the form he was filling out online insisted that he put in a mobile phone number - even though he doesn't have one.

  • Sunday 27 April 2014

    OUR tales of talking posh remind a reader of a new take on an old story.

  • Thursday 24 April 2014

    ANDY Scott's awesome Kelpies near Falkirk have been dismissed by a London newspaper's art critic as "a pile of horse poo".

  • Wednesday 23 April 2014

    POSH shops continued.

  • Tuesday 22 April 2014

    SOME people appear to be relishing the sacking of Glasgow's own David Moyes at Manchester United.

  • Monday 21 April 2014

    ACCIDENTALLY appearing on TV continued.

  • Sunday 20 April 2014

    PUB conversations continued.

  • Thursday 17 April 2014

    IF you are already celebrating Easter you will know that last Sunday was Palm Sunday, commemorating when Jesus rode into Jerusalem.

  • Wednesday 16 April 2014

    A READER on holiday in Argyll popped into a local shop to buy a Herald and found himself stuck behind a local woman who was blethering 19-to-the-dozen with the assistant.

  • Tuesday 15 April 2014

    A TOURIST attraction in Dunblane is the postbox painted gold in memory of Andy Murray's Olympic victory.

  • Monday 14 April 2014

    STRESSFUL places, airports.

  • Sunday 13 April 2014

    YOU know that train ticket prices are reaching ridiculous proportions when even well-known authors complain about them.

  • Thursday 10 April 2014

    AH, we miss the old SDP and its ways.

  • Wednesday 9 April 2014

    SPOTTED in the daily calendar of events of the Corstorphine Trust, at Edinburgh's Corstorphine Heritage Centre.