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  • I AM just about the last person on the planet who would defend anyone who uses racist language, but the reference to...

  • COLIN Gunn (Letters, January 27) rightly takes Ruth Marr to task on her ridiculous manipulation of the No vote in...

  • A SPECIAL reception hosted this week by the Secretary of State for Scotland at Dover House was the venue for the...

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Ken Smith at Large

  • 27 Jan 2015

    SOMETIMES when you read newspapers, you feel as if pensioners are in a permanent state of decrepitude.

  • 20 Jan 2015

    A READER once posed the question to me: "Now cats are independent.

  • 13 Jan 2015

    BEFORE Harry Potter was even thought of, you could encounter young women in Glasgow encased in scholarly cloaks which would not look out of place in Potter's alma mater Hogwarts.