League Reconstruction

It's the hottest topic in Scottish football, especially now Celtic and Rangers are playing in separate leagues, and we've appointed Gordon Strachan as the new national manager. Yes, league reconstruction is top of the agenda for fans. But will it be 12-12-18? 14-14-14? Any other permutation of the 42 senior clubs?

We've created this dossier of recent stories and comment threads as a one-stop shop for those who care about the future shape of our national game.

But it's not just for the contributions of professional journalists. We want to give fans a meaningful voice - whether you're an official representative, or just believe you can bring special insight.

Drop us a line and tell us what you'd like to say, and we'll consider adding your views to the list of articles below. There's no signing-on fee, but you could share the platform with our best writers.  Or just join the debate, using our comments facility on the individual articles.

14/06/13 Doncaster guarded over SPFL top job

13/06/13 Sadness the lingering emotion as clubs switch off the lights

13/06/13 SFL reconstruction: the yes camp

13/06/12 SFL reconstruction: the no camp

13/06/13 End of the road for SFL as reconstruction is backed

13/06/13 Pyramid scheme faces problems from the outset

12/06/13 SFL clubs vote to merge with SPL

12/06/13 hutton favours 42-club solution

12/06/13 SFL president Jim Ballantyne: this isn't a merger, it's a takeover

12/06/13 It's time...Regan urges clubs to 'get this through'

09/06/13 U-turn by SFL rebels paves way for vote pact

31/05/13 Ball back in SFL court

29/05/13 Change of heart could lead to reconstruction next season

24/05/13 SFL on brink of collapse after vote causes split

21/05/13 SPL have cut their financial cake and will stand for no extra Topping

17/05/13 SFL in new talks over league reform

17/05/13 League reform still in balance as SFL agree to merge with SPL

16/05/13 Talking the talk, but first division clubs remain ready to walk the walk

08/05/13 If this is a cherry-pick then the fruit is small

08/05/13 Topping confident reforms will go through

07/05/13 League merger back on agenda as attitudes shift

29/4/13 Ross County chairman voices optimism ahead of league reform talks

29/4/13 Play-offs still on the table as SPL clubs talk league reform again

28/4/13 League reform: SPL clubs try again with new meeting

24/4/13 Strachan: focus league reform on full-time clubs

19/4/13 SFA wait in wings as SFL pursues alternative plan

18/4/13 SFL tells SFA: we don't want your help

18/4/13 SFA offers to assist with reconstruction talks

18/4/13 St Mirren chairman threatens action against 'conspiracy theory' accusers

17/4/13 Donald Finlay tells Aberdeen, Hearts: stop bleating about vote

17/4/13 Ugly public rammy masks key issues

17/4/13 SFA seeks to end league reform impasse

16/4/13 St Mirren's Gilmour: I'll sue over claims my vote was to help Rangers

16/4/13 Ross County's MacGregor: the fans come first

16/4/13 Falkirk chairman: SFA must step in to save league reform

16/4/13 All change as nothing changes

16/4/13 Rangers: don't single out St Mirren and Ross County for no votes

15/4/13 McLeish cranks up pressure on chairmen opposed to 12-12-18 proposal

15/4/13 League reform plan falls at SPL hurdle

15/4/13 Celtic bemoan 'missed opoortunity'

14/4/13 Ball is in MacGregor's court

12/4/13 Existing plans are 'last throw of dice' for Scottish game

12/4/13 Stewart Milne admits he tried to convince Ross County chairman to agree to league reform plans

11/4/13 Hibs boss Pat Fenlon asks for league reform talks to be delayed for this season

10/4/13 Les Gray says Ross county chairman can be relied on to keep reconstruction talks alive

10/4/13 Dundee United chairman urges clubs to vote for the 'greater good'

9/4/13 Proposal is dealt a blow ehn St Mirren announces they will vote against plans

5/4/13 one fan argues that looking again at an Atlantic league could be the best proposal

3/4/13 The fans have spoken loudly and clearly that they want a larger top league

3/4/13 SFL makes a commitment to vote on the 12-12-18 reconstruction proposals

2/4/13 fans say no to league reconstruction in first national survey by SFA

2/4/13 Ally McCoist calls for action on league reconstruction  and says he would prefer a bigger top division

31/3/13 Neil Doncaster urges clubs to push ahead with changes, despite some reluctance

29/3/13 League reform may be delayed as lower division clubs refuse to be rushed into change

21/3/13 Ally McCoist believes acceleration of Rangers through the Scottish league would benefit other clubs

20/03/12 Old Firm colts plan is absent from final league reform proposal

18/03/12 Charles Green argues that Rangers should be promoted to second tier after league reform

14/03/13 David Longmuir casts doubt on whether change can be achieved in time for next season

14/03/13 League Reform: SFA must stop rearranging deck chairs on sinking ship

11/03/13 Forget league reform, the answer lies in youth coaching, cheaper tickets, and summer football, says one reader

8/3/13 Voting is due to be held later this month, but clubs need more clarity as to what they will be voting on

5/3/13 Dundee United chairman Stephen Thompson insists league reform should happen by July

27/2/13 A new rule book has been drawn up for clubs to view before voting in favour of reconstruction

27/2/13 Kilmarnock manager Kenny Shiels says changes to the game will lead to sackings

22/2/13 Regionalised lower leagues would help boost the game, says one fan

18/2/13 A new look League Cup, based on regional qualifying, is essential, argues a reader

15/2/13 It's time for the 'greedy' SPL to be elbowed aside, argues a HeraldScotland reader

12/2/13 SPL and SFL are only looking out for their commercial interests, says one reader

8/2/13 A HeraldScotland poster says 12-12-18 is good, but 14-12-16 is even better

6/2/13 16-16-16 would be the most satisfying structure, argues one of our readers

4/2/13 Join in the debate with one fan who explains why 14-14-14 could be the radical solution

1/2/13 Archie MacPherson says elitist structure will cause damage to the game

1/2/13 David Longmuir says new league structure could be in place for next season

31/1/13 SPL clubs are split over the timescale for league reform

31/1/13 Graham Spiers: on league reform there's a lack of certainty

30/1/13 Paul Goodwin, head of Supporters Direct Scotland, has urged all 42 clubs to discuss reform with their fanbase

30/1/13 Our first volunteer helps shape the debate with a call for improving the quality of football

29/1/13 The 12 SPL clubs all agreed to go forward with 12-12-18

28/1/13 Charles Green asks why clubs didn't formally vote on the new structure

28/1/13 SPL clubs unanimously give their backing to 12-12-18 structure

24/1/13: Three meetings are due to take place to discuss the different structure options

22/1/13: SFL clubs will meet to discuss the proposals, but will not hold a vote

19/1/13: Hugh Macdonald reveals his ideas to help Scottish football

10/1/13: Charles Green warns Rangers will leave Scottish football if reconstruction plans are implemented

9/1/13: Regan, Doncaster and Longmuir present a united front on 12-12-18 structure

8/1/13: Graham Spiers says he supports the 12-12-18 structure

7/1/13: David Longmuir says supporters’ resistance to 12-12-18 plan will be major problem

4/12/12: Campbell Ogilvie’s views of reconstruction

2/12/12: Graham Spiers on the financial incentives offered to clubs if they support 12-12-18 plan

29/11/12: SFA board members say they were encouraged by the plans presented by SPL and SFL

21/11/12: What Herald sport staff think of the SPL proposals

18/11/12: Graham Spiers on ditching the ‘toxic’ structure

15/11/12: Ally McCoist says he backs plans for reconstruction

15/11/12: After the meeting at Hampden on proposed changes

15/11/12: David Longmuir urges clubs to embrace his plans

13/11/12: The day before SFL clubs are set to meet, Charles Green says that change is necessary

2/11/12: First date for SFL clubs to get together to discuss their strategy