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I've been the Highland Correspondent of The Herald since 1988, covering an area which stretches from Shetland to Kintyre, and Rockall to the Cairngorms, but has only 60% of Glasgow's population. So I have to be concerned with issues relating to transport and remoteness; land reform and conservation; Gaelic and tourism; renewable energy; the odd drop of whisky and the craic.


  • The planes, which will be piloted from the ground, are to be used by a research facility in the Highlands to collect scientific data.

    They can monitor a range of subjects from the movement of jellyfish to the arrival of non-native species of seaweed, the melting of sea ice and how mammals such as seals relate to offshore energy projects.

    A crew to fly the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) is now being trained at Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS) laboratories at Dunstaffnage, north of Oban.

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