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I've been the Highland Correspondent of The Herald since 1988, covering an area which stretches from Shetland to Kintyre, and Rockall to the Cairngorms, but has only 60% of Glasgow's population. So I have to be concerned with issues relating to transport and remoteness; land reform and conservation; Gaelic and tourism; renewable energy; the odd drop of whisky and the craic.


  • But Arran Brewery's managing director, Gerald Michaluk, has successfully completed the course and examination to become Scotland's first "Certified Sake Professional".

    He is now planning to make sake at the Brodick-based plant before the end of the year.

    He is also a little miffed some Norwegians have beaten him to it.

  • An environmental charity has discovered eight species on a Highland estate, while a midge found feeding on another insect is a European first.

    Trees for Life is conducting biodiversity surveys on its 10,000-acre Dundreggan Estate in Glen Moriston near Loch Ness.

    It has now recorded more than 2800 species, including at least 67 priorities for conservation, but there is particular excitement over some of the most recent additions – a sawfly, an aphid, two species of aphid parasitoids, three species of fungus gnats, and a species of mite.

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