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I've been the Highland Correspondent of The Herald since 1988, covering an area which stretches from Shetland to Kintyre, and Rockall to the Cairngorms, but has only 60% of Glasgow's population. So I have to be concerned with issues relating to transport and remoteness; land reform and conservation; Gaelic and tourism; renewable energy; the odd drop of whisky and the craic.


  • But now the industry is toasting its most successful year for more than a decade after enjoying the attentions of celebrities such as Dr Who's Matt Smith, Kylie Minogue, Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow.

    As well as being worn by the famous and fashion conscious and carried in the form of fashion label Radley's bags, the fabric also provides the inspiration for an upmarket hotel in Glasgow and motorcycle jackets in the US.

    The cloth that was most commonly associated with the gent's sports jacket, is also now a fashion feature from South Korea to Russia.

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